School network for establishing policy against bullying

News & Events on 12 Feb , 2016

Untitled-2On Friday 5th of February 2016 a workshop titled “Create a regional school network for establishing policy against bullying” was held under the auspices of the Regional Division Primary and Secondary Education of Western Greece and the Hellenic Open University.

The event, organized at the initiative of the School Counselor for Primary Education of the 7th District of Aitoloakarnania County, under-term cooperation with the SONET-BULL project of the Hellenic Open University, and the School Counselor 5th Special Education District, set the following objectives:

  • Enhance dialogue and cooperation between schools on the issue of school violence and bullying
  • The awareness of the importance of the anti-bullying policy implementation in each school
  • The school – family bonding
  • The creation of a local network for designing, implementing and maintaining policy

The response has been impressive, and fourteen primary schools and one special school in the wider region of Lepanto, Parents Association, and members of Prevention Actions Groups of each school actively participated through representatives at the workshop.