What we will do

Report on practices and competences in dealing with bullying in school communities

This analysis will present a complete picture of school bullying (the literature and news items in school bullying, real life cases, best practices) in the participating countries and will outline the needed competences that professionals in school communities need to have so as to deal effectively with this problem.

Peer learning methodology for dealing with school bullying

The proposed project targets all involved actors of the school community that are affected by bullying. Its principal aims are to raise awareness, but also to create a safety net in the form of a rich repository of experiences that are exchanged by members of a community of peers. The project will invest in recording, classifying and making available the experience of the school community members, thus contributing to the formation of a collective memory and set of contextualized tools.

Learning objects

The peer learning of the participating actors will be achieved with the help of digital content developed in most part by the actors themselves. This content will serve as an online, continuously accessible repository of knowledge stemming from real life situations and experiences of the actors. The production of the learning objects constitutes the main peer learning activity. Moreover, access to the learning objects will be easy and direct using a tag cloud. All learning objects will be made available under Creative Common license.

Peer learning platform

This output is dealing with the design, creation, implementation and evaluation of the training platform that will provide teachers, teacher trainers, parents and all other school professionals and stakeholders access to training material on school bullying, as well as the means to publish their experiences and to comment and tag the experiences uploaded by their peers.

Exploitation Guide & tools

This output is an exploitation Guide which will present the exploitation results together with the main findings and conclusions of the project, as well the creation of project site which will act as the mail diffuser of the produced results.