SONET-BULL platform is a training platform that will provide teachers, teacher trainers, parents and all other school professionals and stakeholders access to training material on school bullying, as well as the means to publish their experiences and to comment and tag the experiences uploaded by their peers.

The training platform will provide the means to:

  • Receive accredited initial online training
  • Access a repository of online digital training material
  • Upload experiences and best practice in the form of episodes
  • Present opinion and foster discussions using blogs and forums
  • Collaboratively develop training content and scenarios using wikis
  • Index all types of content using tags
  • Quickly access specific “first aid” content via tags and mobile devices
  • Create discussion and special interest groups and establish communities of practice

The teachers and teacher trainers will be trained in:

  • Using the platform and the assorted social networking tools
  • Creation of educational scenarios and digital content based on peer learning and crowd sourcing methodologies
  • Uploading best practice and providing comments and advice to peers (thus becoming themselves trainers)

The peer learning of the participating actors will be achieved with the help of digital content developed in most part by the actors themselves. This content will serve as an online, continuously accessible repository of knowledge stemming from real life situations and experiences of the actors. The production of the learning objects constitutes the main peer learning activity. Moreover, access to the learning objects will be easy and direct using a tag cloud. All learning objects will be made available under Creative Common license.

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