SONET-BULL Training Sessions in Greece

training session in Patras
Between September and December 2015, the DAISSy research group at the Hellenic Open University organized 6 training sessions on innovative practices to combat bullying in schools. The trainings took place in the premises of HOU in Patras and Athens, in the context of Erasmus+ project SONET-BULL (Using social networking ICT tools with peer learning and crowdsourcing techniques to train school communities on how to deal with student bullying), coordinated by Achilles Kameas, Associate Professor with HOU and leader of the DAISSy group. The trainings were aimed to stakeholders of the school com...

Fondazione Mondo Digitale – Sonet-Bull training, Rome Città Educativa

Saturday, 28 October started in Italy the course developed by Project Sonet-Bull – Using ICT social networking tools, peer learning and crowdsourcing to train schools to face student bullying. The Phyrtual Innovation Gym at the Rome Città Educativa hosted the face to face meetings (28 October and 7 November) of the training organized by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale The workshops are aimed at training teachers, headmasters, parents, coaches, and experts that wish to learn more about bullying a...