School network for establishing policy against bullying

On Friday 5th of February 2016 a workshop titled “Create a regional school network for establishing policy against bullying" was held under the auspices of the Regional Division Primary and Secondary Education of Western Greece and the Hellenic Open University. The event, organized at the initiative of the School Counselor for Primary Education of the 7th District of Aitoloakarnania County, under-term cooperation with the SONET-BULL project of the Hellenic Open University, and the School Counselor 5th Special Education District, set the following objectives: Enhance dialogue and coopera...

Workshop with regard to the National Day against School Violence and Bullying in Greece (6th of March)

With regard to the National Day against School Violence and Bullying in Greece (6th of March), the parents’ school of the Municipal of Pefki – Likovrisi organized a workshop on 11th of March 2015 where all the parents were informed about the bullying at school. Ms. Ifigeneia Sotiropoulou, Psychologist and Coordinator of this parents’ school, highlighted the important role the parents can play in bullying incidents (prevention and treatment), the red flags they should be aware of and how they can manage them. Finally, the SONET-BULL brochure was distributed and the majority of the parents...

“Preventing and Tackling bullying” in Athens

The “PRONOH” Centre of Kifissia that deals with the prevention of addictions and Promotion of Psychosocial Health together with the Adolescent Health Unit of Children's Hospital A. Kyriakou held an informative event on Tuesday 03.03.2015 about «Preventing and Tackling bullying» in Athens. Ms. Makaroni, Psychologist & scientific responsible of the “PRONOH” Centre, presented a set of actions developed in the last three years by the center that aimed to inform and raise awareness of the school and community in the broad topic of bullying. Those activities included short experiential interv...

Community Action for the World Day against bullying

Volunteers coming from all over Greece respond to the phenomenon of bullying and conduct an awareness action on 6th March 2015 at the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence in Athens. DAISSy group of the Hellenic Open University will be there to contribute with the SONET-BULL experience and pass the message "STOP BULLYING"!  -Read More