Who we are

Hellenic Open University-(HOU)  , Greece

The Hellenic Open University (HOU) is a Public University founded by the Greek Government in 1992 and fully operational since 1997. Its prime mission is to offer university level education using distance learning methodology and to develop the appropriate material and teaching methods. An equally important aim is the promotion of scientific and applied research in the field of distance and lifelong learning. The Hellenic Open University (HOU) evolve around the following axes:

  • The creation (development, production, publishing), access, usage (retrieval and sharing) and maintenance (storage, archiving, adaptation) of educational content and material (in printed or digital format),
  • The development and evolution of distance learning methodologies, by exploiting the contemporary educational and pedagogical theories, as well as the technological developments that ensure their efficient application, and
  • The development or application of software and other Information Society Technologies (IST) applications to support education

The staff of HOU has participated in various R&D projects, in the context of which it has developed job profiles, training guidelines, platforms, numerous software tools, databases and educational content and material. As a result, they have developed state-of-the-art know how in distance and lifelong learning methodologies and technologies.

For more information you can visit the official website of Hellenic Open University www.eap.gr.


Initiatives for efficient training ( INFOREF)  , Belgium

INFOREF (Initiatives pour une Formation Efficace / Initiatives for efficient training) is a Belgian non-profit organisation whose aim is to promote an educational

use of ICT in education and training. The organisation has acquired experience participating in several European projects related to education and early school leaving,

including the project “I Am Not Scared” on school bullying.


Computer Technology Institute and Press-( CTI ) , Greece

The Computer Technology Institute and Press (CTI) was founded in 1985 in Patras. CTI is a research and technology organization focusing on research and development in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Particular emphasis is placed on education, by developing and deploying conventional and digital media in education and lifelong learning; publishing printed and electronic educational materials; administrating and managing the Greek School Network; and supporting the organization and operation of the electronic infrastructure of the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs and all educational units. Since its establishment in 1985, and in the past decades of rapid technological development, CTI has actively contributed to many of the advances that today are taken for granted.

The Directorate of Telematics and Applications for Regional development (abbrev. “Telematics Center”) of CTI, participating in this project, was established aimed at enhancing regional development through the effective use of ICT. CTI Telematics Center has significant past experience in the design and development of advanced e-learning services as well as in the effective customization of social networking tools so as to be applied in lifelong learning


Fondazione Mondo Digitale (FMD) , Italy

Fondazione Mondo Digitale – FMD (www.mondodigitale.org) is a non-profit Foundation founded by the Municipality of Rome and 5 ICT companies. It works for an inclusive knowledge society by blending innovation, education, inclusion and fundamental values. Its mission is to promote social learning, social innovation and e-inclusion, with special attention to categories at risk of social exclusion. FMD promotes the inclusive use of new technology in different sectors: Education for life, Educational Robotics, Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity, Social Innovation and Young Entrepreneurship and Integration of migrants & Refugees. It has promoted didactic innovation through the use of new technology in schools and digital literacy of elders via an intergenerational and peer learning approach since 2002.

FMD Headquarters are located at the Città Educativa in Rome (http://cittaeducativa.roma.it/), a center of best practices and social innovation including the first FabLab in Rome. FMD operates at local, national and international level with an action-research, development and implementation programmes combining theoretical academic work with the development of tools and projects for community building.


Dublin City University , Ireland

ABC is a dedicated research facility located in the School of Education Studies at Dublin City University, Ireland. Founded in 1996 researchers at the Centre undertook the first national studies in school bullying, workplace bullying, homophobic bullying and cyberbullying among young people. In 2014, ABC hosted the first national conference on cyberbullying at Dublin Castle where representatives from Facebook, Twitter and other major social networks came together for the first time with representatives of government and researchers to consider issues related to cyberbullying and to develop appropriate responses. Staff at the Centre are currently involved in a number of research projects sponsored by the Government of Ireland and the European Union.