The first work meeting for Project SONET-BULL

Actus & Événements on 12 Nov , 2014

A European project to study and face bullying in schools.

The first work meeting for Project SONET-BULL – Using ICT Social Networking Tools with Peer Learning and Crowdsourcing to Train School Communities to Counter Student Bullying will take place on Wednesday, November 12. Project SONET-BULL is financed by the European Commission as part of the Erasmus Plus Programme, Key Action 2 – “Strategic Partnerships” School Sector, National Greek Agency.

 The first videoconference meeting will officially kick off project activities for the five participating partners from four European countries:
•   Hellenic Open University (HOU), Greece (Project Coordinator)
•   INFOREF, Belgium
•   Computer Technology Institute & Press Diophantus (CTI), Greece
•   Fondazione Mondo Digitale (FMD), Italy
•   Dublin Centre University (DCU), Anty Bullying Centre (ABC), Ireland
The first meeting will focus on the first two project activities: desk and field research coordinated by Inforef in all partner countries and communication activities coordinated by FMD.
The research phase will aim to gather all existing literature on bullyism, as well as all pedagogical and legislative aspects, to create a full framework of existing knowledge and required competences to face the problem. Moreover, each project partner will analyse case studies via structured interviews with school administrators, teachers, bullyism victims and parents to collect best practices at the national level.
FMD will also produce the project communication plan and all communication tools and content (logo, site, brochures, newsletters) as well as coordinating all partner communication both at the national and European level throughout the project.
School administrators, teachers, parents and students will be actively involved throughout the project phases: research, production of multimedia knowledge objects, peer learning and crowdsourcing platform tests and national events.