Greek schools action plans focusing in bullying and in issues of student diversity and attitude.

Νέα & Εκδηλώσεις on 26 Jun , 2015

no1In the frame of the Comenius European project E-STEP “Supporting teachers” and parents” partnerships through social-networking technologies” two schools implemented action plans focusing in bullying and in issues of student diversity and attitude.

Ellinogermaniki Agogi  (ΕΑ) participated in E-STEP project with the students and parents of junior high school. The teachers in EA believe that parental engagement could help in the holistic approach of the issue of bullying in school and can contribute significantly in the prevention of such phenomena in the school. The student diversity is a fact and the close  social surroundings couldn’t stay uninvolved. For this reason the teachers designed an action plan for bringing the parents closer to school issues and especially to the problem of bullying. The organized activity included the attend of a theatrical performance in the theater “Topos allou” in Athens. The title of act was “Yannis X” and the parents were invited to attend the play with their children. At the end of the play psychologists were invited and a discussion started above the issue of bullying. The play was the trigger for this discussion and the meanings of the play were analyzed thoroughly.  The goal of this activity was to reduce-disappear phenomena of bullying.

Another school, the 9th Junior High School of Acharnes, composed an online questionnaire about various attitudes in school and then the results of this survey were presented to parents in order to point out adolescents’ problems  and how these problems affect their learning capability as well as their attitude. Apart from school teachers and parents a social worker and psychologist facilitated this communication among teachers and parents in order to help them how to handle these issues.